What is MENding?

The MENding program is a leadership initiative for male-identified people who are interested in educating other men about sexual & gender-based violence. The program covers masculinity and what it means to be a man, sexual & gender-based violence, consent, and bystander intervention. After having these discussions, the program trains participants to be able to teach what they have learned and put their newly acquired knowledge to use!

The history of the MENding program began with the vision of Ian DeGeer, Lisa Clarke, and Teddie Lohrenz after being inspired by other preventative programs like MOST Club, White Ribbon and OHL Onside. Beginning in 2017, the MENding program started off as a “Train-the-Trainer” program where participants are taught the program’s material and then invited to teach the content of the program through volunteer opportunities, and eventually the program itself! In 2018, the MENding program was rolled out with two initial cohorts and adapted for Grade 7-8 classrooms. In 2019, the Prevention Education Coordinator, Alisha Fisher, expanded the program by building up more facilitators from Trent University and Fleming College and creating opportunities for those facilitators to teach its content to a variety of Elementary and Secondary School students. In 2020, the MENding program is continuing to be facilitated with online cohorts and webinars alongside the development of a self-directed online option and its periphery program “MENding After Harm”.

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The MENding program operates from three pillars: MENding ourselves (provision of content and resources for groups/individuals), MENding the community (train the trainer program), and MENding after harm (provision of self-guided development and resources).

Registration is now open for our upcoming program.
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If you are looking for a webinar, workshop or professional development opportunity select MENding Ourselves

If you are looking to learn more about the facilitation training, or become a MENding facilitator, select MENding the Community

If you are looking to learn more about the status of an emerging program, or be a consultant, select MENding After Harm

If you’re interested in learning more, or have questions left unanswered by this page, email the MENding Program Coordinator Lucas Schaefer:

Upcoming MENding Group

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MENDING, NEW UPCOMING COHORT! An online male ally leadership program to prevent gender-based violence! Meeting at 2pm EST on May 29th, June 5th, June 19th, and June 26th. Register with Lucas: Lschaefer@kawarthasac.ca or via our Zoom link.

What does MENding mean? The MENding program is a leadership initiative for men who are interested in educating other men about gender-based violence. Throughout the program, we’ll be talking about masculinity and what it means to be a man, gender-based violence, consent, and bystander intervention! After having these discussions, we’ll train you to be able to teach what you’ve learned and put this knowledge to use!

Register using our Zoom link and join us for some deep discussions about what it means to be a man, and how we can be better leaders together!

Register For the Upcoming MENding Cohort

Online Self-directed MENding Course

If you’re interested in taking the MENding course and aren’t able to attend the upcoming cohort or looking to complete the training on your own time, then try our Online Self-directed MENding course! Following the traditional MENding format, this course features four sessions featuring tons of opportunities for reflection with videos, activities, and worksheets! Learn about gender-based violence, what it means to be a man, what consent has to do with healthy relationships, and how to be an effective male leader at your own pace. Make sure to reach out to the current MENding coordinator after completing all four sessions to get connected with the rest of the MENding community!

To gain access to the Schoology course code, reach out to our volunteer coordinator by emailing ksac@nexicom.net  and let them know you’re interested in the MENding course!

MENding Ourselves

The portion of the program that promotes and facilitates conversations related to the content of the sessions are referred to as “MENding Ourselves” initiatives. If a place of business, Elementary school, Secondary school, university, college, or club wants to learn about sexual and gender-based violence. masculinity and receive resources, a MENding facilitator can share what they’ve learned in a one-off individual session, group session, or webinar!

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Topics Include:

  • Healthy Masculinity
  • Male Role Models in Media
  • Male Leadership
  • And tailored content to suit your needs!

To book a presentation email the MENding Program Coordinator Lucas Schaefer at Lschaefer@kawarthasac.ca

MENding the Community

The “Train-the-Trainer” portion of the program, often called the MENding training, is referred to as “MENding the Community”. In four, three hour sessions, a cohort of male-identified people go through the MENding program curriculum covering: gender-based violence, masculinity and what it means to be a man, consent, bystander intervention, and how to be a good facilitator. Open discussion is encouraged within these topics, and reflective practices are provided as homework to participants to relate the content to their own personal experiences.

To sign up for the training, you can email Lucas at Lschaefer@kawarthasac.ca and register by introducing yourself and asking when the next MENding cohort is available for you to join!

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Caught in between cohorts? Missed a session? Unavailable for the times the current cohort is running? No worries! Alongside the live facilitation of the training, we have also developed a self-directed version where male-identified people can become MENding facilitators at their own pace! Alongside 4 pre-recorded videos detailing the regular content, participants of this self-directed program fill out a reflective MENding booklet encouraging introspection and sharing of experiences. After the participants watch the videos and complete their MENding booklet, they can meet the MENding Coordinator to complete the program and be introduced to the other MENding facilitators!

MENding After Harm

A developing periphery program from the traditional MENding content. Stay tuned for updates!

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Contact Lucas if you are interested in being a part of this program or being a consultant: Lschaefer@kawarthasac.ca

COVID-19 Changes to Groups

In response to COVID-19, our Centre is providing groups through Zoom Meetings and ongoing strategies for grounding and mindfulness through our Facebook and Instagram pages, and YouTube playlist.