Our new online chat is available on weekend evenings -Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights – 7:00 to 11:00 pm. This is a free, anonymous, confidential and professional chat for survivors of sexual violence and harassment, and the people who support them.

Through this Weekend Webchat you can expect to connect with a trained individual who will offer answers to your respectful questions about sexual violence, will help navigate what counselling and justice services are in your area, and will help you with grounding and calming techniques if you are experiencing flashbacks to your experiences of harm.

Prank or Harassing Chats – No Thank You
We take our work with survivors of sexual violence and their supporters very seriously. Prank and harassing chats tie up our chat service and will not be tolerated. Any type of chat that is threatening and violent, including swearing, sexually abusive statements, and death threats violates our counsellor’s rights and safety. This chat is a place for survivors and their supporters to feel safe and we are prepared to contact police in response to any abuse.

Anonymous and Confidential – Your Rights
During the chat, you may use your name, or a different name, and you do not have to provide us with your email address. The chat will remain confidential, but a log of the chat will be kept for 24 hours for quality assurance. We value the safety of our callers and thus if you are at risk of immediate or imminent harm, or you are threatening harm, our Chat Facilitator has the duty to report this harm to police.  If a child under 16 years of age is at risk of harm; we have a duty to report here as well and we will help facilitate a call to your local Children’s Aid Society.