Something happened, where can I go for help?

When it comes to talking about sexual violence and harassment, young people and adults often use different words to explain similar experiences. What one person calls a ‘bad date’ or ‘hate sex,’ another would call sexual assault or dating violence. If an adult or older youth has hurt you sexually, you might not know where to turn for confidential help. And there is not one simple word for each person’s experience. At our Centre, we believe that if something feels ‘wrong’ or you have questions about what has happened, that’s a good time to call our crisis line or book some time to chat.

If you are 16 years or older, we offer these services free of charge. If you are younger, call us and we can support you to find the right people to help. We can also connect you to the services at the Sexual Health Clinic at the Peterborough Health Unit or the Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Response Program at Peterborough Regional Healthcare Centre where you can speak with a specialized nurse confidentially about your health concerns and to make sure you are medically safe.   

I’m a student who wants to learn more and get volunteer hours

You might have heard about Gender Based Violence, Rape Culture, Violence Against Women or Being a Male Ally in the media, social media or in school. If you are a student looking for volunteer hours or a placement opportunity and are interested in the work we do, we have some opportunities for you to help us. Check out the Volunteer section for full details.

I’m a parent or teacher who wants to learn more

You might have questions about the new Ontario Health and Physical Education Curriculum, or how to talk about consent or healthy relationships to your youth. We offer free consultation to parents and teachers who are interested in learning strategies to discuss sexual violence with young people. Teachers can also book Public Education presentations in their classroom. Click here for more details.

It’s hard to open up conversations about sexual violence, that’s why it has been such a taboo topic for so long. Together, we can break the silence and support each other in preventing further sexual violence by talking with young people. Need some support? We can help.

Check out our Tea and Consent Booklet (PDF) or our YouTube Playlist.