KSAC was staffed solely by volunteers from 1976 until 1985. We know the tremendous work that this powerful group did to ensure that we were able to formally become an agency. We will always honour those original volunteers who had a vision of support and safety for our community of survivors. 

KSAC values all the hard work that our volunteers offer. If you are looking for a great volunteer experience, please email us for more information. Volunteering at the Centre is a very rewarding and meaningful experience that touches the lives of survivors of sexual violence and the people who support their healing. 

We are currently looking for individuals who would like to volunteer as administrative support at our main office, and individuals wanting to support our public education and community events. We are also recruiting volunteers for our board of directors.

If you are interested in supporting the crisis line, we encourage you to visit the Durham Rape Crisis Centre at Volunteer | Durham Rape Crisis Centre (drcc.ca) to get involved.

KSAC is also proud to support placement students. We prioritize placements for BSW students from Trent University and SSW students from Fleming College. Some of the amazing staff at KSAC began their careers as placement students.

For more information and to get involved, please email info@kawarthasac.ca


I have volunteered for KSAC for the past four years. Sexual assault is such a violation for each victim in so many different and significant ways. I can make a difference for callers when I listen deeply to them, and provide support, important information, and resources as they navigate their uncharted healing journey.

Some callers are in immediate crisis, others are telling their experience out loud for the first time. Some callers have flashbacks and need support in coping. Other callers are simply “checking in”.

Whatever the nature of the call, I can assist competently and confidently and confidentially thanks to my extensive KSAC training and the wisdom of my own personal healing journey through sexual assault.


Volunteer, KSAC

In-Centre Volunteer Positions

  1. Prevention Education Volunteer (including presentations, public education, supporting disclosures and special events)
  2. Post-Secondary Student Placement (for further information email info@kawarthasac.ca )
  3. Board of Directors
  4. MENding